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  • When did you join Tumblr?:  uh 2012
  • Why did you join Tumblr?: homestuck
  • What kind of blog do you have?: a cool one
  • How many posts do you have?: 25,509
  • How many likes do you have?:  24,209
  • How many messages do you have?: 0 :(
  • How many blogs do you follow?: 257
  • How many followers do you have?: 264 
  • How often do you change your theme?: i cant remember the last time i changed it
  • How often do you change your icon?: maybe once a month
  • List all the urls you’ve ever had: naaah
  • Do you track any tags?: current url and kano shuuya
  • Do you have any favourite blogs?: my friends and some mutuals
  • Do you often hit post limit?: rarely
  • Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people?:  not really
  • Do you ever get anon hate?:not yet
  • Have you made any friends on Tumblr?:  yep
  • What’s the most notes you’ve ever had on a post?: a little over 5.5k
  • What’s your favourite thing about Tumblr?: cool things
  • What’s your least favourite thing about Tumblr?:  nearly all of it
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chell | 蛾(GA)ナツ〆ネコ [pixiv]


Under the Dog japanese animated series project directed by Masahiro Ando (Sword of the Stranger) on Kickstarter.

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skeletons have become a meme and that means there is a meme inside you, with you at all times.

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─ Anonymous asked: 9, 13, and 50?

  • 9. bullied someone on the internet?

nope. not that i can recall

  • 13. smoked cigarettes?

no ive only gotten second-hand smoke before

  • 50. been suspended from school?

yeah once in 5th grade for like two days

send me a “HAVE YOU EVER”

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─ Anonymous asked: 24 and 28 please

  • 24. had lice?

nope. never

  • 28. broken a bone?

nope. never (which probably means im indestructible #stealingtextpostssince2kwhatever)

send me a “HAVE YOU EVER”

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binary tool test miku

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my blog didnt get deleted and I didn’t try to sell medication to teenagers but I would like some more followers so please spread the word about my situation


some fun in the meantime
1. had sex?
2. bought condoms?
3. gotten pregnant?
4. failed a class?
5. kissed a boy?
6. kissed a girl?
7. had a job?
8. left the house without my wallet?
9. bullied someone on the internet?
10. sexted?
11. had sex in public?
12. smoked weed?
13. smoked cigarettes?
14. smoked a cigar?
15. drank alcohol?
16. been to a wedding?
17. been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
18. watched tv for 5 hours straight?
19. been late for school?
20. kissed in the rain?
21. showered with someone else?
22. been outside my home country?
23. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
24. had lice?
25. gotten my heart broken?
26. had a credit card?
27. been to a professional sports game?
28. broken a bone?
29. been unhappy about my weight?
30. won a trophy?
31. cut myself?
32. been on a diet?
33. rode in a taxi?
34. stayed up for 24 hours or more?
35. been to a concert?
36. had a crush on someone of the same sex?
37. had braces?
38. wore make up?
39. lost my virginity before I was 16?
40. kissed someone a different race than myself?
41. Snuck out of the house?
42. had oral sex?
43. dyed my hair?
44. met someone famous?
45. been on vacation?
46. been on a boat?
47. been on an airplane?
48. prank called someone?
49. taken a pregnancy test?
50. been suspended from school?
Please, have at me.
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#hmu #pls
─ Anonymous asked: :^)


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I look like a ten year old but that’s okay



Kisaragi Shintaro Icons!! (▰˘◡˘▰)


put 100 kids in a room…. kill 10… only 90 kids will remember this